SBOrganizer - User Guide
The purpose of SBOrganizer is to provide a portable way to reorder your springboard application icons.

Portable: SBOrganizer allows you to order your springboard application icons as you want right from your device. You no longer need to have or be connected iTunes to reorganize your springboard application icons.

Just like PkgBackup, this application is K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple & Stupid). Just click on ‘ReOrder’, do your magical reordering and click on ‘Done’, Voilà!

SBOrganizer basically allows you to:
move application icon one at the time; 
move pages of application icons at once;
move application icon quickly from its current position to another page, row & column point;
view your changes as they happen;
dynamically switch between three(3) views: ‘All Pages’, ‘All Applications’ & ‘Tools’;
create unlimited pages: to do so, go to ‘Tools’ view & tap on ‘New Page’. Voilà!;
do ascending and descending sort of application icon: to do so, simply tap on the page(s) you want to sort then tap on the sort direction represented by the arrows at the bottom of the table in ‘Tools’ view;
merge to merge multiple pages together;
automatically remove blank pages;

SBOrganizer is compatible any combination of:
‘Five-Column SpringBoard’ (FCSB) application;
‘Five-Row SpringBoard’ application;
‘Iconoclasm’ application;
‘InfiniDock’ application;
and various others SpringBoard modifiers.

Furthermore, you can brag about your application use using Facebook Connect. To do so, you’ll need to click ‘Connect with Facebook’ before you start ordering your springboard.