Version 5.4.8 *NOT YET RELEASED*:

  1. -Updated Russian localization file (Thx Victor!)

  2. -Updated Chiness localization file (Thx Jacky!)

Version 5.4.7:

- Bug Fixes

- Performance enhancements

Version 5.4.6:


- Various bug fixes.

  1. -Various performance optimizations

  2. -Updated support for Copic

  3. -Updated support for ActionMenu

  4. -Added ability to backup/restore from DEB files

  5. -Added support for Springtomize 3

  6. -Added support for Flex 2

  7. -Added support for dynamic keyboard shortcuts

  8. -Added support for ASUpdateHider

  9. -Added support for ActionSlider

  10. -Added support for AutoTouch

  11. -Added support for Biolockdown

  12. -Added support for BytaFont & BytaFont 2

  13. -Added support for CaptureView

  14. -Added support for /etc/hosts

  15. -Added support for MobileTerminal gestures input actions

  16. -Added support for SuperRecorder

  17. -Added support for TouchPose

  18. -Added support for WeeTrackData & WeeTrackData 7

Version 5.4.5:

- Various bug fixes

  1. -Various performance optimizations

Version 5.4.4:


Version 5.4.3:


Version 5.4.2:

- Various bug fixes

  1. -Various performance optimizations

  2. -Removed the temporary fix that had enabled all scanning options while ‘PreferencesLoader’ was being readied for iOS7

Version 5.4.1:

  1. -iOS7 compatibility issues

  2. -Temporarly enabled all scanning options while ‘PreferencesLoader’ is being readied for iOS7

  3. -Updated storage libraries.

Version 5.4.0:

- iOS7 compatibility issues

Version 5.3.12:

- Various bug fixes

  1. -Various performance optimizations

Version 5.3.11:

- Various bug fixes

  1. -Various performance optimizations

Version 5.3.10:

- Various bug fixes

  1. -Various performance optimizations

  2. -iOS7 readiness

Version 5.3.9:

- Various bug fixes

  1. -Various performance optimizations

Version 5.3.8:

- Various bug fixes

  1. -Various optimizations

  2. -Localization improvements

(Pre iOS6 users should consider upgrading to iOS 6 to enjoy the RICH features of the next releases.)

Version 5.3.7:

- Various bug fixes

  1. -Various optimizations

Version 5.3.6:

- Various bug fixes

  1. -Various optimizations

  2. -Localization improvements

Version 5.3.5:

- Dropbox login fix

- Various bug fixes

- Added a check for FW compatibility for restore operation

- Performance optimization

Version 5.3.4:

  1. -Bug fix: network presence no longer require to backup/restore from non-cloud storage

  2. -Various other optimizations

  3. -Bug fix: Addressbook storage

  4. -Added support for backup encryption to AES256

Version 5.3.3:

  1. -Bug fix: iCloud backup interference

  2. -Various other optimizations

  3. -Added 4 new ‘autoscan’ toggles to be configured under Settings>PKGBackup

  4. -Added support for SBSettings’ FastNotes

  5. -Added support for iBlacklist

  6. -Added support for Springtomize 2

  7. -Added support for biteSMS

  8. -Added support for SBProfiles

  9. -Added support for FLEX

  10. -Added support for Summerboard themes

  11. -Added support for Safari Download Manager

  12. -Improved support for: Iconoclam layouts

  13. -Improved: Ability to include/exclude ‘Documents’ and/or ‘Library’ from Apple apps backup, activated by long press on each app.

  14. -Improved support for photos & videos

  15. -Highly recommended update

Version 5.3.2:

  1. -Bug fix: Saving preferences when quitting if multitask is disabled.

  2. -Bug fix: Calendar access thru permission

  3. -Bug fix: Disappearing ‘Sections’ list for packages.

  4. -Bug fix: Calendar events disappearing after scheduling them.

  5. -Bug fix: SHSH & Ringtone backup selection

  6. -Various other optimizations

- Added: Ability to include/exclude ‘Documents’ and/or ‘Library’ from Apple apps backup

- Updated: ‘metadata.plist’ is now hidden.

  1. -Various other optimization

  2. -Highly recommended update

Version 5.3.1:

- UI Bug fix!

Version 5.3.0:

- Bug fix: Backup & restore buttons disappeared!

  1. -Bug fix: Sliding progress bar

- Added: For photos/videos - ability to backup/restore albums individually

Version 5.2.8:

  1. -Bug fix: Wifi restriction message popup

  2. -Various optimizations

  3. -Highly recommended update

Version 5.2.7:

- Bug fix: Sound is now audible when backup/restore is done.

- Bug fix: Dropbox connection fix


Version 5.2.6:

  1. -Bug fixes

Version 5.2.5:

  1. -Fixed SugarSync & Box connectivity issues

Version 5.2.4:

  1. -Fixed spontaneous crash

Version 5.2.3:

  1. -Cloud storage frameworks update.

  2. -Various bug fixes (including export PKGBackup contact from addressbook)

Version 5.2.2 *NEVER RELEASED*

Version 5.2.1:

  1. -Various bug fixes (addressbook picture restored)

  2. -Various optimization (better memory management. tyvm @spencerpan!)

  3. -Remove upload size limitation for storage on Dropbox.

  4. -Highly recommended update

Version 5.2.0:

  1. -Various bug fixes & optimization

  2. -Highly recommended update

Version 5.1.10:

- Bug fix: Address book saving issues for some users

  1. -Various optimizations (ARC migration)

  2. -Improved memory usage.

  3. -Chunked zip filed are now sized at 20Mb instead of 10Mb

Version 5.1.9:

  1. -Added: Support for iOS6

  2. -Added: Support for iPhone 5

  3. -Added: ‘Quit on exit’ behavior for background mode in PKGBackup’s

  4. -Updated: Italian translation by (@RMMontage)

  5. -Updated: Spanish translation by (@Monigote97)

  6. -Various bug fixes & optimization

Version 5.1.8:

  1. -Various bug fixes & optimization

  2. -Highly recommended update

Version 5.1.7:

  1. -Added: Support for ActionMenu

  2. -Added: Support for Activator

  3. -Added: Support for ProTube & ProTubeHD

  4. -Improved: Support for SBSettings

  5. -Various bug fixes

- Various optimizations

Version 5.1.6:

  1. -Various bug fixes

  2. -Bug fix: Localization activation

Version 5.1.5:

- Bug Fix: Persistent grey overlay

  1. -Various bug fixes

- Various optimizations (ARC migration initiated)

Version 5.1.4:

  1. -Added: Support for voice memos backup/restore

  2. -Added: Support for MxTube.

  3. -Various performances enhancements

  4. -Simplified UI for backup notification entry

  5. -Various bug fixes.

Version 5.1.3:

  1. -Bug fix: SugarSync login process failing.

  2. -Bug fix: Crashing at startup for some FW 4.x.

Version 5.1.2:

  1. -Added: Ability to restrict backup/restore depending of the battery level

  2. -Various bug fixes.

  3. -Various performances enhancements

  4. -Minor UI improvements

  5. -Improve various locales

Version 5.1.1:

- Bug fix: Crashes when connecting to Box or Skydrive

- Bug fix: Default preferences not sticking.

- Bug fix: Themes listing too verbose.

- Improved Arabic, Chinese, Korean & Spanish locales

- Added: Ability to restrict backup/restore to Wifi only connection

- Added: Ability to restrict backup/restore to powered device only

  1. -Added: Ability to turn OFF free space checks on device on cloud storages

Version 5.1.0:

- Added local storage (/var/mobile/PKGBackup/)

- Integrate™

- Integrate SkyDrive™

- Added cancel backup/restore alert dialog.

- Backup/restore 

       * Copic

       * iFile bookmarks

       * Custom keyboard shortcuts

       * Voicemail

       * Ringtones

       * Themes

       * ROMs

- Performance enhancements

- Bug fixes

Version 5.0.14:

- Various bug fixes.

Version 5.0.12:

- Bug fix: Backup history not displaying properly.

- Bug fix: Selection option for restoring AppStore apps not displayed.

- Bug fix: Available space alert

Version 5.0.11:

- Added: Association of file extension 'pkgbkup' with PKGBackup app

- Added: Device free space validation, taking into account Apple default apps.

- Added: Crash reporting tool;

- Bug fix: Incorrectly detecting AppStore apps w/ no data in either Documents or Library

- Bug fix: Progress bar updated more accurately

- Various code optimization

  1. -Code refactoring to prepare for various future storage mechanism (hint, hint!)

Version 5.0.10 :

  1. -Potential crash fix.

Version 5.0.9 :

  1. -Build fix.

Version 5.0.8 :

  1. -Added: Keep alive routine for SugarSync => Improvement .

  2. -Added: list of repo sources when sharing data(via email Facebook or twitter), in addition to the list of packages.

  3. -Added: list of repo sources in the note of calendar event.

  4. -Modified: The sorting UI segment control of packages & apps.

  5. -Bug fix: URL codec file name on upload/download.

  6. -Bug fix: Crash when address book data is corrupted.

  7. -Bug fix: Crash when storing some apple apps data.

Version 5.0.7:

- Added: backup memo in the title of event store in calendar.

- Minor UI improvements.

- Bug fix: Restore view - 'Select All' doesn't work.

- Bug fix: Contact/Photo/SMS restore issue.

- Bug fix: URL encoding file name transferred across the network.

- Bug fix: backup memo not asked for, after backup confirmation alert is prompted.

- Bug fix: Some english localization strings missing.

Version 5.0.6:

- Added: Ability to view backup notes from the restore view

- Bug fix: Disallowing duplicate name when renaming a backup session

- Bug fix: minor bugs

- Bug fix: url encoding SugarSync folder names during their creation

Version 5.0.5:

  1. -Fixed: Backup notification scheduling bug.

  2. -Fixed: Rare crashes when loading the app.

  3. -Fixed: Localization for day of the week on backup notification scheduling.

Version 5.0.4:

  1. -Fixed: Danish translation.

  2. -Fixed: Rare crashes when using old backup format

Version 5.0.3:

  1. -Fixed: Application library size unit.

  2. -Minor UI tweaks.

  3. -Added: Danish translation by Benjamin Roswall.

  4. -Added: Korean translation by Beedulgy(가벼운상상).

  5. -Added: Ability to install or remove a single package by doing a long press on package name

Version 5.0.2:

- Fixed: Package selections appearing in sections view.

- Fixed: Some properties were saved but not reflected in the app.

  1. -Fixed: French translation by foXaCe.

  2. -Fixed: German translation by Macusercom.

  3. -Added: Twitter new iOS UI integration.

  4. -Added: Dutch translation by Hijmen.

  5. -Added: Polish translation by Jakub Szadaj.

  6. -Modified: ‘Cloud’ storage login/logout terms.

  7. -Removed: Restriction of 300Mb on upload to Dropbox™.

Version 5.0.1:

- Fixed: pop up msg showing total # of mb after (un)selecting app

- Fixed: some properties were saved but not reflected in the app.

- Fixed: Grey view displayed when auto backup is activated

  1. -Added: selection of all, none, inverted (selection) of packages

  2. -Added: Dropbox™ retries (10) when an (network) error is encountered

  3. -Added: SugarSync™ retries (10) when an (network) error is encountered

- For iOS 5+ users: u can now launch the Settings app from within the app.

Version 5.0.0:

  1. -Compatibility w/ iOS5

  2. -Added backup memo/note

  3. -Added new cloud storage provider: SugarSync™.

  4. -Support for 15 languages (Special thanks to Taiki & ‘foX aCe’[French], Carlos[Spanish], Odd[Norwegian], Pascal [German], Pedro[Portuguese])

  5. -Simplified the in-app settings

  6. -Added an entry in for PKGBackup™

  7. -Some UI tweaks

- Various bug fixes.

PS: Feel free to send me correction to translation.

Version 4.3.12:

  1. -Improvement for PKGBackup contact deletion.

  2. -Various code refactoring

- Bug fix: Dropbox files deleted after viewing available device backup.

- Bug fix: App crashed sometimes after viewing available device backup.

- Bug fix: App crashed in picker with empty device backup list.

  1. -Bug fix: Dropbox disabling when login failed/is cancelled from the 'Settings' view.

Version 4.3.11:

  1. -Bug fix: Backup to addressbook crashes at the end.

  2. -Bug fix: Restore webclips

  3. -Bug fix: Crash when selecting an empty list of device backup.

  4. *Added: Viewing backup sessions for device backups using addressbook.

Version 4.3.10 *NOT YET RELEASED*:

  1. *Better handle of device backup stored in addressbook

  2. *Added sortable 'installed date' for AppStore applications.

  3. *Improvement the workflow for device backup usage to reduce confusion

  4. *Added the data size to all items of Apple Stocks applications

  5. *Added the data size to all items of AppStore applications

  6. *Prevent data > 300Mb to be uploaded to Dropbox (API limitation on their side not mine ;))

Version 4.3.9:

- Bug fix: Invalid free space validation when using addressbook as storage

- Bug fix: App hangs while doing 'Notes' backup

Version 4.3.8:

  1. -Bug fix: Backup of some photos.

  2. *Added: Web clips backup/restore.

  3. *Changed: Progress HUD.

  4. *Added: Free space validation.

Version 4.3.7:

  1. -Bug fix: ‘Save as default’ issue for Apple AppStore apps data.

  2. -Bug fix: Wrong icon for Safari under restore apple stock app data option

  3. -Bug fix: Restore for some AppStore apps data.

  4. *Changed: Various code optimization.

  5. *Changed: ‘Applications’ in label to ‘apps’

Version 4.3.6:

  1. -Bug fix: Crash during packages/applications scanning for a few users

  2. -Bug fix: Restoring some Apple AppStore apps data.

  3. -Bug fix: Restoring users sources from backup of old version of PKGBackup.

  4. -Bug fix: Crash when tapping on ‘monthly’ backup notification scheduling.

  5. *Added: ‘Save as default’ for backup & restore AppStore applications

  6. *Added: Maps backup/restore

  7. *Added: Access to available device backup from the Restore View

  8. *Added: Dropbox™ free space validation

  9. *Added: Device free space validation for archive creation

  10. *Added: Confirmation box for iSHSHit installation

  11. *Changed: Optimized Dropbox API so that it’ll use less memory & be faster

  12. *Changed: Optimized applications scanning [More to come!].

  13. *Changed: The way packages are accounted for: I’ve disable dependencies resolution for packages => increase in number of packages to packages [Nothing to be afraid of, every single package is accounted for!]

Version 4.3.5:

  1. -Bug fix: Erroneous corruption error

  2. -Bug fix: backup history refreshed error when a session was deleted after rollover.

  3. *Changed: Label of ‘Apple defaults apps’.

  4. *Changed: New springboard icons & load screens by Kenneth Good <>

Version 4.3.4:

  1. -Bug fix: Dropbox error message

  2. *Added: Apple Store apps data backup/restore.

   Note: You’ll need to activate ‘Auto-scan application at startup’ in the settings (tap on gear icon).

  1. *Added: SHSH blob backup/restore.

  2. *Changed: Dropbox upload are now done in chunks of 10Mb instead of 5Mb.

Version 4.3.3:

- Bug fix: Dropbox error 400 message.

  1. *Changed: Retina display settings icon.

Version 4.3.2:

- Bug fix: Dropbox error message

- Bug fix: Weekly backup notification scheduling

  1. -Bug fix: Accessibility file symlinking.

  2. *Added: Icon identifying already installed packages in the restore log view.

Version 4.3.1:

* Bug fix: Enhance repos restore management.

  1. *Bug fix: 'Repeat' value for backup notification scheduling.

  2. *Bug fix: Display alert for backup notification scheduling.

* Various memory management improvements.

  1. *Changed: 'Backup' / 'Restore' button's label to 'Do Backup' / 'Do Restore'.

  2. *Changed: Restore log icon for already installed packages.

  3. *Added: UUID info on main screen.

* Added: Ability to see, use, delete all available backups of different devices (w/ additional date info of those backups stored on Dropbox ONLY!).

* Added: Rolling backups by specifying the maximum number of backups to keep. Addressbook & Dropbox values are independently set.

* Added: For advanced users ONLY (for now !!!), ability to change the default Dropbox™ storage path.

     - Edit: /var/root/Library/Preferences/com.pragmatixconsulting.packagebackup.plist.

     - Change the value of: 'DropboxStoragePath'

     - DON'T FORGET TO MOVE THE DATA FROM /PKGBackup to the new path set above.

Version 4.3.0:

  1. -Bug fix: Cydia app settings backup/restore &  user sources management: Cydia settings is now systematically restored & backup.

- Bug fix: Settings the rights permissions for preferences & springboard files

  1. -Bug fix: Fix missing packages that were due to the circular dependencies

  2. -Added: ability to view dependencies for a package

  3. -Added: Accessibility feature

  4. -Added: Support for libactivator, winterboard library

  5. -Added: Ability to remove PKGBackup™ addressbook entries

Version 4.2.11:

  1. -Bug fix: lockscreen & homescreen wallpaper issue

  2. -Bug fix: Crash due to missing dependency: ‘Core Utilities’

  3. -Bug fix: User repository sources CAN now be removed from Cydia app.

  4. -Modified: Changed the blue color to a check mark for selected packages

- Added: Viewing install log after restore operation

  1. -Added: Dropbox™ logout in settings.

  2. -Added: Support for Activator.

  3. -Added: Viewing the dependencies of a package.

  4. -Improved the logging of package restore.

Version 4.2.10:

- Bug fix: Better handling of repository sources (Finally!)

- Bug fix: Handling of corrupted/invalid plist files

- Bug fix: Dropbox™ memory hogging

- Modified: Upload to Dropbox™ now done is chunks of 5Mb/file (b/c due to API limitation)

- Added: Syslogging timing of file uploads

- Added: Syslogging memory usage.

- Modified: Temporary files removal

Version 4.2.9:

  1. -Added: Videos backup/restore

  2. -Modified: Photos backup/restore to only backup/restore images.

  3. -Modified: Removed the compression phase.

  4. -Bug fix: Preferences files restored in the right directory.

Version 4.2.8:

  1. -Bug fix: Backup of camera rolls.

  2. -Added: Missing backup/restore of videos.

  3. -Removed Dropbox™ disconnection when changing primary storage.

  4. -Bug fix: switch state for backup/restore of Apple default apps.

  5. -Bug fix: restoration of preferences files.

  6. -Bug fix: Canceling previous notification when a new one is set.

  7. -Added: Validity checking of backup.

  8. -Upgrade Bump™ API to 2.0.

  9. -Changed: Backup/Restore progress UI

Version 4.2.7:

- Bug fix: Backup not perform when tap ‘Yes’ on the on confirmation box.

Version 4.2.6:

  1. -Changed: Color ‘Backup/Restore’ switch button in the toolbar

  2. -Changed compression from ‘zip’ to ‘tar’ to preserve permissions

  3. -Added color coded in the toolbar for ‘Backup/Restore’ switch

  4. -Bug fix: Backup wasn’t available when not connected to network

  5. -Bug fix: launch image on the ipad not displayed

  6. -Bug fix: SMS crashing when sending after restoring it.

Version 4.2.5:

  1. -Added: ‘Save as default’ for Apple Default apps backup

  2. -Added: Confirmation for backup/restore operation in Settings

  3. -Added: ‘Scan packages at startup’ option in Settings [DEFAULT: OFF]

  4. -Added: When no network available to use Dropbox™, app switches to addressbook as primary storage.

  5. -Added ‘Cancel’ button to dismiss ‘spinning wheel’ alert window.

  6. -Bug fix: Disable ‘auto-lock’ for backup operation

  7. -Bug fix: Select all, none, invert for packages.

  8. -Bug fix: Resetting backup scheduling notifications

  9. -Bug fix: Facebook™ login button was blank

  10. -Bug fix: disabled ‘Phone’ & ‘Chat’(aka SMS) backup for iPad & iPod.

  11. -Bug fix: Twitter tweeting about backup/restore operation.

Version 4.2.4:

  1. -Bug fix: Restore of Apple default apps

  2. -Improved Dropbox™ integration

Version 4.2.3:

  1. -Added data backup/restore of 7 (for now!) Apple apps: Calendar, Chat, Contacts, Notes, Phone, Photos & Safari. [Only available when using Dropbox™ for backup/restore].

  2. -Improved Dropbox™ integration

  3. -Bug fix: ‘backup corrupted’ inconsistently pops up

  4. -Bug fix: Springboard data restoration.

  5. -Bug fix: blank icon for FW 3.x users

Version 4.2.2:

  1. -Bug fix: Selecting repositories sources on restore.

  2. -Bug fix: Optional sound, vibration & iCal integration when Dropbox™ is the primary storage.

  3. -Improved Dropbox™ integration & processing.

Version 4.2.1:

  1. -Bug fix: Issue when switching primary storage to Dropbox

  2. -Bug fix: backup scheduling ‘in the past’

  3. -Bug fix: ‘Scanning’ applications hanging

  4. -UI change: interchanged ‘Sharing’ & ‘Backup’/‘Restore’ button

  5. -‘Backup’/‘Restore’ button is now depicted as text not icon.

Note: If you are having problems with using Dropbox™, here is the workaround:

1. Remove PKGBackup folder from your Dropbox™ account.

2a. Using SSH, connect to your device & issue command:

      rm -rf /var/root/Library/Preferences/com.pragmatixconsulting.packagebackup.plist


2b. Using iFile, navigate to folder /var/root/Library/Preferences and remove file:


Version 4.2.0:


Special note:

Those using the crack/hack version, PLEASE convert to a paying customer as I’ve put a lot of time & effort on this app. Please don’t evaluate PKGBackup to the end of time!!! I’m counting on YOU!

Those cracking/hacking PKGBackup to make it free as a challenge and/or just for fun, please stop as it is not fun when there is NO food on the table for my family! I’m counting on you understanding & humanity.

  1. -Major UI overhaul (more is in the way :D).

  2. -Changed the launch image & icon (Special thanks to Pierre-André Leclair <> from iMatte).

  3. -PKGBackup is now cloud-aware thanks to the add support of Dropbox™ for storage (see user guide).


  1. -Added ability to uploaded backups to Dropbox™.

  2. -PKGBackup is now complete with scheduling & alerts, in addition to iCal integration!

  3. -Added optional auto-backup at startup.

  4. -Sound & vibration can now be optionally turned on or off.

  5. -Added configurable primary storage (Addressbook or Dropbox)

  6. -Added manual reload of packages.

  7. -After a restore, you can now see the install status of each package.

  8. -Added configurable backup/restore of:

   * Cydia repository sources

   * Users preferences files

   * Springboard files including Apple’s Folders (SBOrganizer is no longer needed, YES!!!)

   * Categories folders

   * Hidden applications

  1. -Greatly extended the sharing functionality by adding:

   * Support for Bonjour™

   * Support for Bump™

   * Support for email

   * Support for Facebook™

   * Support for Twitter™

  1. -Improved the performance of Usage map.

  2. -Now prevents data corruption when using ActiveSync to sync your addressbook.

  3. -Bug fix of the keyboard appearing behind the Facebook when about to publishing.

Version 4.0.5:

  1. -Bug fix for app crashing sometimes at start.

Version 4.0.4:

  1. -Bug fix for SB layout backup & restoring.


  1. -FB feed is now only published when the user is connected (after each backup/restore operation).

Version 4.0.3:

  1. -Bug ‘Error 261’: Fixed!

  2. -Better handling of dependency between packages.

  3. -Minor memory leak fixed.

Version 4.0.2:

  1. -Bug fix for ‘0 of 0 packages’ in the backup box for some users.

Version 4.0.1:

-Bug fix for Facebook connect.

-Bug fix for importing shared data.

Version 4.0.0:

  1. -Added dated backup: you can *now* have a history of *all* your backup operations

  2. -Added ability to manage backups data

  3. -Sharing data is *now* done thru an attached VCF file & imported by 2x click on it! (no more cut&pasting corrupt data!)

  4. -Added usage map

  5. -Hiding GSC packages

- Added ‘Settings’ for more control on what needs to be backup/restore

  1. -Ability to select/deselect sources to backup/restore

  2. -Ability to backup/restore hidden applications (Thanks for your suggestion Jeremy Mullins!)

  3. -Better handling of ‘Categories’ backup/restore

  4. -Ability to choose which folder to backup/restore

  5. -A lot of GUI changes/refinements

  6. -Ability to see packages classified by section

- More control for package selection (‘All’, ‘None’, ‘Invert’ selection)

Existing users should do an extra backup with v3.2.0 & sync with iTunes or OTA (Over-The-Air).

Version 3.1.10:

  1. -Performances tweaks ;)

  2. -Rounded corner on table widgets.

  3. -Small code tweak & refactoring.

  4. -Email icon now appearing correctly when you receive the email on your computer.

Version 3.1.9:

  1. -Bug fix: Facebook connectivity.

  2. -Bug fix: ‘Categories’ categories backup & restore issue.

  3. -Bug fix: user sources repository restoring.

Version 3.1.8:

  1. -Bug fix: ‘Categories’ backup issue.

  2. -Bug fix: Network connectivity validation.

Version 3.1.7:

  1. -Bug fix: Group ‘PkgBackup data’ not being created.

Version 3.1.6:

- Trememdous speed increase!

- Added ‘Categories’ support for backup/restore operation.

  1. -Added ‘Select None’ & ‘Select All’ buttons in ‘Package List’ view.

  2. -33% reduction in space used by backup data.

- Addressbook entry now ‘visually’-friendly: device uuid is now append to the first name!

  1. -Added image to PkgBackup contact entry.

  2. -Added image to email generated by ‘Share data’.

  3. -

Version 3.1.5:

  1. -Bug fix:  uninstalled app still appearing installed.

  2. -‘Include layout’ is now off while ‘Scanning all packages’.

  3. -Added vibration in addition to sound when operation is done.

Version 3.1.4:

  1. -Bug fix for ‘Limited functionality’ issue.

  2. -Bug fix for app crashing sometimes at end of backup operation.

  3. -Bug fix for ‘Facebook Connect’ enabling.

  4. -Added ‘Follow Me’ (me = the developer ;) ) button.

Version 3.1.3:

  1. -Bug fix for ‘Limited functionality’ issue.

Version 3.1.2 *NEVER PUBLISHED*:

Version 3.1.1:

  1. -Unfortunately, v3.1.0 got published. Expect v3.1.3 very soon.

Version 3.1.0:

  1. -Integration with SBOrganizer => You can now backup & restore you SB Layout.

  2. -Added support for mailing backup data.

  3. -Device specific backup & restore operation.

  4. -Group ‘PkgBackup data’ addressbook entry for easy backup data management.

  5. -Reduces network necessity to only restore operation.

  6. -Play sound on backup/restore operation completion.

Version 3.0.12:


- Better handling of user entered repositories

  1. -Version # fixed.

Version 3.0.11:

  1. -Same as v3.0.9 (There was an deployment error: ‘basic-cmds’ dependency was not set!)

Version 3.0.10:

- Same as v3.0.9 (There was an deployment error: the wrong app version was deployed!)

Version 3.0.9:

  1. -Better handling of top level packages and dependencies => backup data consumes 50%+ less space. (Thanks Jordan Mack!)

  2. -Data compression enhanced.

  3. -After ‘Restore’, user can ‘Reboot’ instead of ‘Respring’.

  4. -Changed message ‘Don’t forget to sync with iTunes’ to ‘Remember to sync with iTunes’ (Thanks Andrew Bentley!)

  5. -Better handling of root privileges

  6. -Better handling of network reachibility

Version 3.0.8:

  1. -Bug fix for crashes during compression!  (Thx Kyle Levin & Andre Glaessl)

  2. -Added ‘basic-cmds’ as a dependency.

Version 3.0.7:

  1. -Bug fixing of reported crashes.

  2. -Help updated.

Version 3.0.6:

  1. -Handling few case when the user changes the root password!

  2. -Added version id to the GUI.

- Compress/uncompress backup data on the fly! [Hopefully this will allow users with numerous (50+) packages to view the address book entry of the backup.

Version 3.0.5:

  1. -Fixed an elusive nasty bug (had to buy a 2nd iPhone to catch it!!!)!

Version 3.0.4:

  1. -Optimization & performance.

  2. -Better progress report.

  3. -Better handling of multi-touch gesture for package selection.

Version 3.0.3:

- Changed the application icons, graciously designed by Adrian Roy ( Thanks-A-Million!

  1. -Changed the subject of email when sending comments.

  2. -Automatically backup and restore manually entered repositories.

  3. -Fixed email address for the maintainer and the author (should’ve been done in 3.0.2).

  4. -Fixed ‘backup’ message after a ‘restore’ operation.

  5. -Better progress report.

  6. -Fixed the count of packages to backup after a restore operation.

  7. -Improved Help content: the content is fetch from my website directly so you can get the latest & greatest.

  8. -During restore operation, the device will no longer sleep.

  9. -Added ‘Select All’ & ‘Select None’ in the package list view using multi touch gesture:

        - ‘Select All’ is done by pinching OUT (just like you’ll do when to ‘Zoom in’ in Maps)

        - ‘Select None’ is done by pinching IN (just like you’ll do when to ‘Zoom out’ in Maps)

Version 3.0.2:

  1. -Fixed  broken dependency.

  2. -Corrected email address for the maintainer and the author.

  3. -Stronger parsing for package list.

Version 3.0.1:

  1. -Change application name to PkgBackup.

  2. -Added package dependency.

Version 3.0.0:

  1. -Initial version.