Q. I’m using PKGBackup v7.x.x and it can’t find my backups. How should I proceed?

R. Make sure your device name is the same as one of the subfolders found in 'PKGBackup' folder on your cloud storage (dropbox, box, skydrive, ftp, sugarsync).

  1. Q.if I navigate through the old backups, which are on Dropbox, I keep getting "not selectable" and can't seem too select them (obviously). How can I proceed?

  2. R.1. Tap on “Restore” button

     2. Tap on storage icon

     3. Choose either:

           - "Backup history": to restore a backup you've done. Here you can only select a date NOT the content.

           - "Device backup": to restore a backup done on another device. Here you select a device then a particular backup date

Q. Have you given thought to a best practice process flow for restoring from backup , i.e. what order should all this be done in now that we can back up nearly everything? (Starting after the iPhone has been restored as new and re-jailbroken)

R. Here are the steps that i personally take when I restore my devices after they were jailbroken:

     A. Restore any Apple backup, if available, then reboot.

     B. Install PkgBackup & restore:

        - Cydia Sources

        - Jailbreak Applications

        - Preferences files

        - Springboard files

        - Apple defaults apps.

    Then I reboot and:

        - Restore App Store Apps (either from a fresh install or a restore from iTunes)

      launch PKGBackup to:

        - Restore App Store data

        - Springboard files (if iOS overwrote my SB icon layout)

Q. The app just crashed ? What do you need to address this issue?

  1. R.Please don't send me any crash logs. I get 'em automagically when you open the app after a crash.

    I just need the syslog & steps to reproduce the crash.

Q. How do i change the dropbox folder in which data is saved?

  1. R.Execute under ssh: plutil -key DropboxStoragePath -value "/<NEW_VALUE>" /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.pragmatixconsulting.packagebackup.plist

Q. How do i change the local storage folder in which data is saved?

  1. R.Execute under ssh: plutil -key LocalStoragePath -value "/<NEW_VALUE>" /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.pragmatixconsulting.packagebackup.plist

  1. Q.How do I manually restore my pictures?

  2. R.To manually restore pictures, do the followings 2 steps:

     1. Put all the PHOTOS-??? files into your device /tmp/

     2. Go in /tmp/ & do: cat PHOTOS-??? >> PHOTOS.tbz ; tar -xf PHOTOS.tbz -C /tmp/

Q. I get "This app has been disabled" every time I try to link with Dropbox. What’s happening?

R. Go get the latest version from Cydia Store in Cydia.

  1. Q.I’ve installed PKGBackup v5.x.x and i see neither my packages nor applications. What should I do?

    How do I reset the app?

R. Do this,

        1. Go back to Settings/Preferences (the app, the one from Apple where there is the 'About') & find PKGBackup entry

        2. Turn on the last option

        3. Launch the app then tap on OK. the app will quit

        4. Go back to Settings & find PKGBackup entry

        5. Turn on both auto scan (& everything else that you like)

        6. Launch the app

Q. I can restore my iPhone 4 "as new" and then these libraries will restore my data, correct?

     If above is true, would I re-install the Apple apps before restoring the data libraries, or does it matter?

     Is there any problem if I restore a data library for an App i forget to reinstall (orphan data library)?

R. Yes you can restore your data in your device “as new”. You will need to install the app before you can restore its

     data i.e. Install 'Angry birds' b4 restoring its data ;)... The apps checks this: it won't let you restore otherwise.

Q. I’m encountering some Dropbox error issue. What can I do?

R. The workaround is (in most cases) to reset dropbox:

    a. Using SSH, connect to your device & issue command:

      rm -rf /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.pragmatixconsulting.packagebackup.plist

      rm -rf /var/root/Library/Preferences/com.pragmatixconsulting.packagebackup.plist


    b. Using iFile, navigate to folder /var/mobile/Library/Preferences and remove file:


       do the same after going into folder /var/root/Library/Preferences

Q. I have an iPad and an iPhone 4. Can I use the the Software on both devices or I must buy two licenses?!

R. 1 license is good for 5 devices. Nonetheless, a donation is much appreciated.

Q. I have followed every step precisely but when I try to open the PKG_jibberish contact my iphone freezes so I am unable to rename the contact and therefore I cannot restore the backup that I made. What is wrong? What can I do?

  1. R.Due to some ‘bizarre’ ways handle ‘large’ amount of data in the note field, it freezes the device. The solution is to rename the entry from your computer’s addressbook THEN sync the changes to your device.

Q. My device was replaced & I already purchased PkgBackup. Can I still use license on the new device?

  1. R.Yes. Simply install PkgBackup again using the SAME credentials you’ve used when you were purchasing it the first time.

  2. ‘Addressbook is your primary storage

        Rename the 'Pkg_<LOTS_OF_CHARACTERS> BackUp' entry in your addressbook to:

          - First name: Pkg

          - Last name: BackUp.

  1. ‘Dropbox’ is your primary storage

        Login into your Dropbox account using a web browser. Go the directory ‘PKGBackup’ & find the directory that

        has your old device UUID then rename it to your new device UUID.

  1. Q.I’ve reinstall PkgBackup on my new device and it says ‘0 of 0 packages’ to restore. How can I restore my previous backup?

  2. R.Simply:

  3. 1.Tap on ‘Restore view’.

  4. 2.Tap on the ‘Safe icon’

  5. 3.Select the row that contains your backup. (Those characters are device’s UUID)

  1. Q.After a restore, I get blank/white icons. What should I do?

  2. R.Simply, reboot THEN respring.

  1. Q.My device auto reboot/respring after it was restored via Pkgbackup. Any idea or advice how to stop that and get the phone working again??

  2. R.You have restored one or more packages (apps) that is not compatible with the firmware installed on your device. It’s YOUR responsibility to assure you restore compatible packages. The solution depends on what is installed on your device. Best advice: Google it!

  1. Q.How do I share my backup data with my friend?

  2. R.First you friend need to install PkgBackup then you simply tap on the ‘Share data’ button in the app & send it to him by email. Once he receives it, he just need to import the attached VCF file into he’s addressbook.

  1. Q.How can I remove the data in my Contacts because when I try to delete it, the Contacts app freezing. Any help suggestions?

  2. has a weird way of treating large data in the note’s field on a contact. Best way to delete it is to do it from your computer.

  1. Q.How do I remove the ‘PKGBackup data’ group from Contacts (my address book) on my device?

  2. R.Download Groups from the iTunes store to delete it.

Q. I am using dropbox and would like to remove the data from Contacts. It says best way is from computer but not sure how.

R.Here are the steps:

         1. go to settings within the app (tap on upper left icon).

         2. choose 'addressbook' as primary storage

         3. ‘accept’ the changes by tapping the ‘Done’ button.

         4. This will bring you back to the main screen Be sure you are looking at the backup in your AB (the button on the bottom should say “View Backup”, NOT “View Restore”).

         5. tap on the safe to the right of the ‘Help’ button. This will bring you to the address book backup.

         6. delete all entries using the recycle bin icon in the lower left.

         7. tap on the ‘x’ icon in the upper right to close this dialog.

         8. Go back to settings in the upper left, switch to ‘dropbox’ as primary storage

         9. ‘accept’ the changes by tapping the ‘Done' button.

  1. Q.I’m using v4.2.6+ and it says ‘0 of 0 packages’ for ‘Installed packages’ but it was working for pre-v4.2.6. Why is that?

  2. R.Tap on the 'gear' button icon on the upper left corner then choose 'Scan packages on startup'. Tap 'OK'. Also, please read the changelog for v4.2.5 attentively: specially the 3rd point!!!!

  1. Q.I recently purchased pkgbackup. When I open Cydia, it shows me the latest version as installed. But when opening the program itself, it says version 4.0.5c in the upper right corner.

  2. R.All new features are ONLY available on FW 4.3+